Tuesday, 11 February 2020

My Imagination Sample Essay

My Imagination Sample EssayMy imagination sample essay is a rather simple one. It is a story about a solitary lioness who lives in the jungle where her love for tuskers is put to test on a rare occasion. The story is about a single event that changed her life and why. All the images and description in the story are given in the first person, but she can speak only about her mind's creation.Before you begin writing this sample essay, let me just ask you a couple of questions. What is your idea of a love story?Why do you think you are a difficult person to read? Why is it that you are able to draw such vivid pictures in your mind? If you find it difficult to write about something you know very little about, then it is possible that you are, in fact, an easy writer.The last part of the sample essay is in first person. This is the most important part of the story, as the only true story is a story that you are telling yourself. You must allow the reader to draw her own conclusions about your life.How would you describe your experience in the jungle on the day that you first realized that users could be users? How would you describe your first encounter with users? What made you begin to believe that they could be users? Was it your need to have a user as a companion?Do you think that your story is significant? How important is your story to you? What does it say about your character?Images and pictures in your story may be changed by a specific story line, but let the reader focus on the image that you have given her. Use the images in your imagination to draw your reader's attention to the truth in your story.

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