Friday, 20 July 2012

Custom essay writing

For how long are we going to insist on custom essay writing in your college papers and you fail to do so? Our company’s reports should be written as custom writings. We have even hired external personnel to train you on custom essay writing but with vanity, your college papers have remained poor.

You as writers must execute custom essay writing in all the documents or files you prepare whether for internal or external use. Our concern is not only custom essay writing for external communication but for internal communication as well. Consider this, if you write your reports your way and tomorrow you are sacked or promoted to a higher position and another secretary takes over your position. We will end up having different non custom essay writing in the organization which will only be understood by each of the writers. Custom essay writing will enable us have a common reporting system for our college papers.

Third parties such creditors will credit our college papers and have easy time assessing our company. This is because the custom essay writing system used in our company will be the same being used in their companies. Considering our corporate image, our College papers must deliver a competitive edge, now what happens when you design college papers in styles not understood by customers?

Note that your college papers can lead to the collapse or success of this company. From today henceforth, once you are through with your college papers, you have to send a duplicate of the document to my office for appraisal of your custom essay writing. We have to reorganize our college papers to maximize our operations and output.