Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Free free research paper

Just like the free dissertations, some online sites also provide other types of online papers for instance the free free research paper. These kinds of papers usually give an explanation of a particular issue that is seen to affect a large number of people. An example of this kind of paper may relate to the increasing spread of infectious diseases among the people.

For instance, a research paper that relates on how diseases like cancer may be prevented can have the following points. Prevention of cancer requires an individual to keep away from bad behaviors which trigger appearance of lung cancer. For instance .an individual addicted in smoking has a very high chance of suffering from lung cancer.

The chemical components found in the cigarettes are very harmful to the health of an individual. The smoke that gets into the body might distort the proper functioning of the lungs and cause breathing problems. Thus, individuals should try and avoid such behavior. Instead, one should concentrate in consuming products that are helpful for instance fruits and other body building foods.

Heavy drinking can also result to lung cancer. For individuals who cannot be able to quit drinking. It would be good for them to reduce on their amount of alcoholic drinks that they consume. For those addicted, it is advisable for them to visit counselors so that they can obtain information on how to quit drinking.

This will in turn help them to have good health and also prevent them from suffering from diseases caused by smoking or heavy drinking. Other measures like good education can be adopted to increase people’s awareness on the importance of good health.